About Mark

A native New Zealander, David Mark Quigley worked variously as a farmer, vineyard owner, clinical hypnotherapist, and serial entrepreneur. Travelling extensively chasing adventure across Europe, Australia, and Africa, he has been obsessed with animals and nature ever since.

Inspired by his travels, he decided to tackle his dyslexia by writing a book, Scars of the Leopard and unexpectedly discovered his love of writing, and wrote two further action adventures, White Gold and African Lion. He is a sculptor and produces striking wildlife sculptures cast in silver, alongside running an international environmental consultancy.

He lives in Naples, Florida, with his wife and numerous furry freeloaders, in a home he built in his spare time.

With your purchase of any of my books you are seamlessly donating to a worthy cause, as a portion of all proceeds for my books goes to Wildlife Preservation. Thank you for your part in protecting wildlife! Click here to find out more about the Quigley Wildlife Foundation