White Gold: An Epic African Adventure

A combination of wildlife lore and true crime, White Gold delves into the savage, secretive world of the illicit ivory trade, telling the story of a fearless group of conservationists who fight to preserve the lives of elephants.

Anti-poaching legend Tony Campbell, sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund, is tasked to stem the tide of death that threatens Southern and East Africa’s wild elephant herds. Pursuing the suspected kingpin’s spoor, he becomes the driving force behind ending the killings.

Huge hauls of gold bullion are tracked through the UK, triggering alarms within British Intelligence. Richard Black, the head of a secret arm of the intelligence agency, tracks the ringleader, Judd Donovan, to his import-export empire in Los Angeles and unearths a dangerous multinational criminal network linked with elephant poaching. South African born Black takes a personal interest in the wildlife contraband and makes it his mission to take down the gold-and-ivory smuggling racket. With Black’s help, Tony sets off on the bloody trail of Donovan across Africa. Following a chase across the Kalahari Desert, he is ambushed by Donovan and his mercenaries. Can Tony and his crew escape this ruthless trafficking syndicate and stop them preying on vulnerable wildlife?

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