The Last Rhino: An African Wildlife Adventure (African Series Book 4)

Thirsty with greed for the spoils that the illicit rhino-horn trade bled into his pockets, a mysterious African poaching kingpin always managed to evade both detection and capture. Until he decided to turn his devastation on Tony Campbell’s beloved Zimbabwe, and put a ticking target on his back.

Ruthless anti-poaching maverick Tony Campbell is well established and respected in the world of wildlife conservation. He is just about to take on a new anti-poaching role when multiple black rhino carcasses are found, brutally butchered for their valuable horn.

What started out as a routine relocation exercise turns into a frantic military-run mission that will either save the last of the Zambezi rhinos or seal their fate forever.

As the soft underbelly of the nefarious poaching world is stripped away by a series of seemingly unrelated events, Campbell will have to risk it all to lure the kingpin into a trap.

And he’ll have to decide just what price he’s willing to pay to uncover and stop the senseless killings.

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