Scars of The Leopard: An Epic African Adventure

Set against the sweeping savannas and deserts of Southern Africa amidst the economic crisis of the mid-80s, Scars of the Leopard follows one man’s quest struggling to stop a nefarious operator wreaking havoc on the global financial market.

New Zealander Dave Old, an ex-French Foreign Legion soldier, uses his army clearances as a security consultant in Johannesburg. He begins to track a mysterious figure, code named Vulcan after the Roman God of fire, who imprisoned and tortured him in the past. Dave discovers Vulcan, a corporate raider with fierce political ambition, is also being pursued by the CIA, KGB and SIS. Joining forces with Richard Black, the maverick heading the British contingent of the joint-agency investigation, Dave becomes an agent-at-large to expose Vulcan’s planned hostile corporate seizure and eventual coup of South Africa’s government.

Richard sets Dave on his trail. Because of his formidable skills, he’s recruited to work for Vulcan to silence Karen de Lout, president of de Lout Investments Vulcan intends to control. Dave appears to do his bidding to get close to him and befriends the would-be target, Karen de Lout. The pair band together to end his wanton destruction and change the course of history.

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