African Lion: An International Wildlife Mystery

It’s one man against the clock to save a pride of endangered lions from a poaching Mafia, in this international wildlife mystery thriller from Scars of a Leopard and White Gold author, David Mark Quigley.

Carl Hendricks, a rugged and passionate wildlife warrior, has just reinvented himself as a mixed martial artist in Las Vegas. It’s a second chance at life, after poachers in Botswana ambushed his team and left him for dead.

It is backstage after a fight that he meets Asad Al Nahyan, a proclaimed savior of endangered animals. Although horrifically scarred from his past, Carl can sense that this man has something to hide.

And it’s a feeling he just can’t ignore.

With that, Carl is drawn right back into the world of animal preservation, and to his native Zimbabwe. As Carl tracks his target and the pure lineage of Barbary lions he claims to protect, an unlikely ally from the British SIS, joins his quest.

Can they uncover Asad’s true intentions and foil his plans before the Barbary lions disappear forever?

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